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Epoxy water-soluble composition "Sintego-EP Aqua Floors"

Epoxy water-soluble composition "Sintego-EP Aqua Floors" is a formula dased on water-soluble epoxy resins.
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Application and Features

  • The covering is resistant to the influence of aggressive chemical agents, industrial oils, petroleum products, decontaminating solutions and detergents.
  • The covering is relatively frostproof, it is able to withstand temperature falls.
  • The material is not toxic, does not have objectionable odour, does not harm environment in the process of application and usage.
  • The material is applied in a thick layer of 7-8 mm.
  • The composition is applied for the making of floors in industrial premises of food and medical industry, in the offices, business and public catering enterprises, hotels, exhibition halls, entertainment organizations, service centres and parkings.




Physical configuration  

Homogeneous surface

Mass concentraton of nonvolatile substances, %, no less than


Density at a temperature of (20±0,5) °С, g/cm3


Adhesion to the concrete, MPa  


Advisable thickness of the covering layer (min), mm 


Pot life after blending of the components, minutes, no less than   


Hardening time until the aftertack at a temperature of t +20 °С, hours 


Complete polymerization time at a temperature of t +20 °С, days 


Theoretical discharge subject at 1.5mm layer, kg 


Mixing ratio of the components A and B by mass and by volume  

9:100 1:6

Instructions for use

The basis and the hardening agent should be mixed thoroughly before applying.
1st step: pails with the components should be opened. The component "A" has to be mixed thoroughly for 1-2 minutes until it is entirely homogeneous, raising the sediment of the pigments and arenaceous quartz from the bottom. While mixing continually, the component "B" is poured into, then the mixture has to be blended carefully up to its complete homogenity, special attention should be given to the material on the walls, bottom and in the corners of the container.
2nd step: Attention! Use the stuff immediately after preparation. The mixed material must be applied to the floor immediately. Do not keep the material in a container after blending. The blended material should be poured out and distributed over the surface of the foundation using a serrated spatula or a scraper with a fixed gap which permits to receive required thickness of the covering.