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Nanosilver (colloidal silver) is a pure and absolutely natural product. It consists of microscopic silver particles suspended in demineralized and deionized water. This scientific achievement is an output of high technologies. Nanosilver has pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and antiparasitic effects.
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Application and Features

Possible application of silver nanoparticles can be that of modifying traditional materials, coatings, disinfectants, detergents (including toothpastes, paste detergents, washing powder and soap), cosmetic products or creating new ones. Coatings and materials (composite, textile, paintwork, carbonic and
other) modified with silver nanoparticles can be applied as preventive antibacterial protection wherever infections are likely to spread: in transport, at
catering establishments, in agricultural and cattle-breeding accommodations, at sports, medical and youngster establishments. Also, silver nanoparticles
purify water and eliminate pathogenic bacteria in air conditioning filters, water pools, showers and other public facilities of the like.

Instructions for use

Just one gram of silver decomposed to nano-size affects an area of several hundreds square meters. Under proper conditions, it maintains the territory
disinfected during many years.