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Acrylic coat "Sintego-UR.03(А)"

"Sintego-UR.03(А)" is a high quality two-component coat manufactured from acryl-urethane filming materials. It contains specific additions that prevent corrosion from appearing or increasing. Also, these additions strengthen the protective qualities of coat.
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Application and Features

  • High quality system of base enables coat to provide a dense coating with strong anticorrosive properties.
  • Can be applied by air or non-air spraying, by a brush or roller.
  • Low toxicity of the contained vehicles and resins makes coat convenient to use.
  • Recommended for initial and maintenance painting of bridges, steel and ferroconcrete structures, cisterns, chemical and petrochemical industry machinery, port and near port structures, sea and river crafts, travelling trains and trucks, piping etc.
  • Blend can be used as an intermediate layer in coating systems (adhere to the following order: epoxy primer - intermediate layer - final layer).
  • Coat can be combined effectively with epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and alkyd coatings.

Measure and unit

Measure value

Appearance of coating

light gray

Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than


Life service (in a hermetic package after merging base and solidifier), hours, no less than


Viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer, seconds


Density, g/cm3


Grit um, no more than


Adhesion, points, no more than


Elasticity when bent, mm, no more than


Impact resistance, cm, no less than


Instructions for use

Merge main component of coat with solidifier in volume correlation.
If necessary, ready blend can be diluted with blend dissolvent in amount of 1 (one) volume parts so that the correlation between components merged becomes 2:1:1 (base - solidifier - dissolvent respectively).

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaged according to state standard 9980.3.

Stored according to state standard 9910.5

Warranty period 12 months after manufactured.

Occupational health and safety

While applying coat, adhere to safety precautions recommended for acrylic polyurethane materials and isocyanate solidifiers.