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Epoxy coating "Sintego-EG(А)"

"Sintego-EG(A)" is a two-component epoxy coat solidified by a polyamine solidifier. Contains anticorrosive additives.
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Application and Features

  • High physical and mechanical qualities, pronounced resistibility to influence of dissolvents, fresh and sweet water, high and low temperature.
  • Active polyamine solidifier allows coat to dry and become solid in a short period.
  • Can be applied under low air temperature.
  • Blend can be used as an intermediate layer in coating systems (adhere to the following order: epoxy primer - intermediate layer - final layer).

Measure and unit

Measure value

Appearance of coating

Beige color

Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than


Life service (in a hermetic package after merging base and solidifier), hours, no less than


Viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer, seconds

80 140

Density g/cm3


Grit, um, no more than


Adhesion, points, no more than


         Elasticity when bent, mm, no more than


Impact resistance, cm, no less than


One dry layer thickness, um


Drying time of a 3 um layer to degree 3 under 25 °C, hours, no more than


Exposure before applying next layer under 20°С(тт-тах), hours


Preliminary material consuption with one-layer dry coating, g/m


Instructions for use

Merge main component of coat with polyamine solidifier in 3:1 volume ratio (respectively) and stir it thoroughly.

If necessary, ready blend can be diluted with blend dissolvent (1 volume portion); drive component merging correlation to base-solidifier-dissolvent level.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging of coat is performed according to state standard 9980.3.

Storage of coat is performed according to state standard 9910.5

Warranty period – 12 months after manufactured.

Occupational health and safety

When working with coat, adhere to safety precautions recommended for epoxy materials and solidifiers.

Apply in well ventilated premises only.

Prevent material from getting into eyes, breathing passages or on skin.