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Protective decorative paint "Sintego-Hammerol.01"

"Sintego-Hammerol.01" protective decorative paint is designed for protection and high-quality final dressing of metal, concrete and wooden surfaces. It is a one-component system based on synthetic resins, exclusive pigments, fillers, rheologic and functional additives, rust converters and corrosion inhibitors in a mixture of organic dissolvents.
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Application and Features

  • This paint is characteristic of such features as enhanced protective and decorative qualities, increased solid residue, decreased drying and forming time.
  • Can be applied both as part of coating system (over "Sintego-Hammerol.01 Prime" padding) and independently.
  • Any coloring upon client's request available.

Measure and measure unit

Measure value


Homogeneous semimatt surface without impurities, craters or pores

Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than


Relative viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer (nozzle diameter 4 mm) under 20°С, seconds


Density under (20+0.5)°С, g/cm3


Grit, um, no more than


Drying time to degree 3 under (20+2)°С, hours, no more than


Adhesion, points, no more than


Elasticity when bent, mm, no more than


Thickness of one dry layer, um


Preliminary consumption of material for one-layer coating, g/m2


Instructions for use

Surface intended for painting must be clean and dry.
Rust and remainder of prior paintwork must be removed with metal brush, sandpaper or sand-sprinkler.
Surface must be thoroughly dedusted and degreased with "Sintego Hammerol.01 R" dissolvent.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging is performed according to state standard 9980.3.

Warranty period 12 months after manufactured.