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"Sintego-EG Antistat"

"Sintego-EG Antistat" antistatic epoxide coating is a suspension of pigments with specific and functional additives in epoxy resin solution solidified by polyamide solidifier.
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Application and Features

"Sintego-EG Antistat" is designed for anticorrosive protection with a strong antistatic effect. Can be used either as coating (independently), or as a constituent in multi-layer coating systems (final layer).

Can also be used for primary layers in protective coating systems on installations operating in aqueous, acidic or alkaline media. The vehicles involved being highly inert, "Sintego-EG Antistat" can also protect light oil and dark oil depositories. Blend is resistant to significant cyclic temperature drops.

By protective characteristics, systems that include "Sintego-ЭГ Antistat" are intended for durable periods of operation, which decreases costs spent on repairment and maintenance.

Coating is manufactured in color of black graphite only, with an unrationed hue.

Blend is viscous enough to be applied in a thick layer in one movement.

Its specifically composed receipt provides small drying time and a durable service life.

Measure and unit

Measure value

Appearance of coating

Matt, color of black graphite

Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than


Life service after mixing vehicle and solidifier, hours, no less than


Viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer  (nozzle diameter 4 mm) under (20° С), seconds, no less than


Density under (20 + 0,5)°C, g/cm3 


Grit, um, no more than


Adhesion, point, no more than


Elasticity when bent, mm, no more than


Instructions for use

Degrease metal surface to degree 1 according to state standard 9.402-2004.

Remove calx, rust and remains of previous coating until degree 2 according to state standard 9.402-12004 is reached (Sa 2,5 or Sa 2 according to ISO)

Mechanical cleaning is acceptable to degree according to ISO 8501-1:2007. Remove dust.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Storage is performed according to state standard 9910.5.