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Epoxy anticorrosive coat "Sintego-EG Abrasive"

"Sintego-EG Abrasive" epoxy anticorrosive coat is a suspension of pigments and anticorrosive fuctional additives in a epoxy resin solution solidified by a polyamide solidifier.
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Application and Features

"Sintego-EG Abrasive" two-component epoxy anticorrosive coat provides anticorrosive protection for metal, concrete and ferroconcrete structures, also for structures operating in high humidity and/or corrosive media.

Uses isolating mechanism in its functioning. Its special epoxy resin system and polyamide-based solidifier make possible to increase adhesion on substrates of different types.

Can be used as a primary layer in protective coating systems for units operating in aqueous, acidic and alkaline media. High inertness of vehicle used makes it an efficient protection for light oil and dark oil depositories. Coat is resistant to significant cyclical temperature drops.

Due to special additives, material can be used as a highly wearproof coating independently.

Can be applied by air and non-air spraying, also by roller or brush.

Measure and unit

Measure value

Appearance of coating

semimatt, gray or brown

Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than


Life service (in a hermetic package after merging base and solidifier), hours, no less than


Relative viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer  (nozzle diameter 4 mm) under (20° С), seconds, no less than


Density under (20+0,5)°С, g/cm3


Grit, um, no more than


Adhesion, points, no more than


Bending elasticity, mm, no more than


Instructions for use

Before applying merge base of coat with solidifier and stir thoroughly. Coat is applied to prepared suface by air or non-air spraying, brush or roller. Surface painted must be dry, its temperature 3°C higher than dew point. It is recommended to make 1-3 layers depending on conditions and required life service of coating.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Coat packaging is performed according to state standard 9980.3.

Coat storage is performed according to state standard 9910.5.

Warranty period - 12 months after manufactured.

Occupational health and safety

When working with coat, adhere to safety precautions recommended for epoxy materials and solidifiers.

Apply in well ventilated premises only.

Prevent material from getting into eyes, breathing passages or on skin.