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Epoxy water-soluble primer "Sintego-EG Aqua Prime"

Epoxy water-soluble primer "Sintego-EG Aqua Prime" is a semitransparent liquid of white colour that is used to protect and waterproof concrete and as a material for protection of the roofing.


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Application and Features

Increased resistance to attrition, abrasive resistance;
Extremely high adhesion to any base;
Can be applied to wet and moist bases;
Endures negative hydrostatic pressure.



Relative viscosity according to the viscosimeter of the type VZ-4 (nozzle diameter 4 mm) at a temperature of (20°С) , sec


Density at a temperature of (20±0,5) °С, g/сm3

От 1,0 до 1,05

Adhesion, point, no more than


Impact strength, cm, no less than


Recommended thickness of the covering, mcm

от 20 до 50

Drying time of the layer 30 mcm thick to the grade 3 at 20 °C, hours, no more than


Complete polymerization time at 20°С, days


Pot life of the material after mixing of the components at 20 °C, hours


Material discharge, kg/m2 -metal, thickness of the layer 20-50 mcm-concrete, 1 layer

0,04-0,1 0,15-0,30

Instructions for use

While priming concrete surfaces and screed coats at least two layers are advised, and the second layer should be applied no earlier than in 6 hours after the first one (the first layer is the penetrating one).

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging of the primer is produced in accordance with GOST standard 9980.3.
Storage of the primer is realized in accordance with GOST standard 9980.5.
Warranty storage time is 12 months since the date of production.

Occupational health and safety

When using the primer it is necessary to follow the safety precautions advised for the epoxy materials usage. Use in well-ventilated rooms only. Avoid inhalation, getting into the eyes and on the skin surface.