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Two-component acryl-urethane lacquer "Sintego-UR.01 Premium"

TUU: 24.6-32803942-024:2011
"Sintego-UR.01 Premium" is a premium two-component acryl-urethane lacquer possessing low colority and enhanced resistance to the influence of the ultraviolet radiation, sea and fresh water.
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Application and Features

  • Due to its unique formula the lacquer forms particularly dense wear- and weatherproof film which has high working characteristics.
  • It can be applied by the method of air and airless spraying, as well as by paint roller or brush.
  • Due to low toxicity of the contained dissolvents the lacquer is easy-to-use and low-toxic during application.
  • It is used for making of the final layer when creating top-quality enhanced corrosion-resistant coatings and systems for metal and wooden surfaces (e.g. deck constructions, masts), also when a paintwork material is supposed to be in contact with sea and fresh water, and in humid climate.
  • Has a high hardness and attrition resistance.
  • It is recommended for making of the final layer of top-level coating systems.
  • Lifetime of the lacquering is no less than 8 years.
Physical configuration of the lacquer's film

homogeneous colourless film without any
impurities, cavities and pores

Mass concentraton of nonvolatile substances, % 45 - 50
Drying time till the degree 3 at a temperature of (20±2) °С, hours, no more than 6
Cross cut adhesion, points, no more than 1
Elasticity of the film in bending, mm, no more than 2
Impact strength, cm, no less than 60
Film hardness according to the TML-type pendulum instrument (pendulum A), arbitrary units, no less than 0,55
Resistance towards static exposure to the three-percent sea salt solution at a temperature of (20±2) °С, days, no less than 30
Resistance towards static exposure to water at a temperature (20±2) °С, days, no less than 35
Resistance towards static exposure to the half-percent cleansing agent solution at a temperature of (35±5) °С,
hours, no less than
Instructions for use

Stir the component A (the base of the lacquer) and the component B (the hardening agent) thoroughly using separate containers, then add the component B to the component A at a ratio of 15 to 100 and intermix carefully. The lacquer can be diluted with a solvent till the required viscosity. To dilute and dissolve use the "solvent:cyclohexanone" mixture at a ratio of 1 to 1 or solvents R-14, R-198,RL-176.
Usage of the primer-enamel does not require preliminary surface priming.
The lacquer is, as a rule, applied in 1-3 layers (medium consumption is 90-110 g/m2 per one layer with no account taken of loss); painting wood, for the first priming layer making one should use the lacquer which is dissolved at 20-30% by the proper solvent.
Surfaces which are being painted should be clean and dry. Moisture content in the wood under painting should be less than 20%. Air temperature, the temperature of the surface under painting and that of the lacquer during application and drying should be more than 5 0C, and the relative air humidity - less than 80%.
For the priming of new unpainted surfaces one should dilute the lacquer by a solvent at 20% approximately or by the solvents stated above. The undiluted lacquer should be applied by a brush in 2-3 thin layers. To previously painted or primed surfaces the undiluted lacquer should be applied in 1-2 layers. After the appropriate pause before applying of the next layer, the previous layer's surface should be slightly polished.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging of the lacquer is produced in accordance with GOST standard 9980.3.
Storage of the lacquer is realized in accordance with GOST standard 9980.5.
Warranty storage time is 12 months since the date of production.

Occupational health and safety

The components of the lacquer are combustible materials. Use in well-ventilated rooms only. Avoid inhalation, getting into the eyes and on the skin surface.