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Self-levelling floor "Sintego-PU.Floor"

TUU: 24.6-32803942-056:2011
Polyurethane composition "Sintego-PU.Floor" (self-levelling floor) is a two-component combination based on aromatic polyurethanes which was designed specially for making of industrial self-levelling floors.
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Application and Features

  • The coating is distinguished by a high durability, hardness, ability for covering cracks in the foundation, and a moderate flexibility. It is also characterized by an extremely high resistance to the abrasive wear and the influence of various chemical agents, such as oils, petrochemicals, salts.
  • The coating possesses a high resistance towards percussive-deformative and vibratory effects.
  • The coating is frostproof, capable of enduring substantial cyclic temperature falls.
  • The composition is applied for the floor-making in the working areas of food industry enterprises including those with damp manufacturing processes, in the agricultural facilities (storages, greenhouses, conservatories, premises for animals and poultry), in the offices, medical and child care institutions, mercantile and public catering establishments,hotels, exhibition halls, entertainment institutions, service stations and parkings.













External appearance Homogenious glittering surface without impurities, cavities and pores
Mass concentraton of nonvolatile substances, %, least value 100
Density at a temperature of 20+-0.5 °С, g/cm3 1,4-1,5
Advisable thickness of the covering layer (min), mm   1,5-2,5
Viability after blending of the components, minutes, least value 30
Tensile strength, mPa   13
Shore hardness  65
Percentage elongation, % 15-20
Solidification time until the aftertack at a temperature of 20°С, hours 5
Theoretical discharge subject to 1.5mm layer, kg 2,3
Complete solidification time of the covering (readiness for the use), hours 72
Resistance to the corrosive media, in, days  5
Instructions for use



  1. Concrete should be solid, dry, free of fatty contaminations and cured for at least 28 days. Humidity should not be more than 4%, and a surface temperature not less than 15 °С. It is recommended that priming is to be used preliminarily.
  2. Repairs of chips and roughness of a concrete foundation should be carried out using proper professional products.


The basis and the hardening agent should be mixed thoroughly before applying.
1st step: pails with the components should be opened. The component "A" has to be mixed thoroughly for 1-2 minutes until it is entirely homogeneous, raising the pigments' sediment from the bottom. While mixing continually, the component "B" is poured into, then the mixture has to be blended carefully till its complete homogenity, given special attention to the stuff on the walls, bottom and in the corners.
2nd step: Attention! Use the stuff immediately after preparation. The mixed material must be applied immediately. Do not keep the material in a container after blending. The blended material should be poured out and distributed over the surface of the foundation using a serrated spatula or a scraper with a fixed gap which permits to receive required thickness of the layer. The instrument's width has to be chosen depending on the foundation's quality and sizes of the irregularities. In order to provide high quality of the surface and surely delete beads of air out of the covering it is necessary to carry out a rolling of the freshly made covering with a spiked roller. Rolling should be conducted in different directions, slowly, up to the complete removal of beads, during 2 minutes, and completed before the viscosity of the applied covering has increased. When rolling one should not take a roller out of the material.
Attention! Operations have to be fulfilled at a temperature not less than +15 °С. The temperature of the material has to be within +(15-20 °С).

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging of the components of the covering is produced in accordance with GOST standard 9980.3.
Storage of the components of the composition is realized in accordance with GOST standard 9980.5.
Warranty storage time is 12 months since the date of production.

Occupational health and safety

The components of the covering do not contain volatile flammable liquids and solvents. Use in well-ventilated rooms only. Avoid inhalation, getting into the eyes and on the skin surface.