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Asolvent polyurethane covering "Sintego-PU.Finemastic"

TUU: 24.6-32803942-055:2010
Polyurethane rust-preventing covering "Sintego-PU.Finemastic" is a suspension of pigments, rust-preventing, functional additives in the mixture of polyol-containing resins which are hardened by aromatic polyisocyanate.
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Application and Features

  • Polyurethane rust-preventing covering "Sintego-PU.Finemastic" is designed for conducting corrosion protection of gas main lines, cisterns, including those with condensed natural gas, concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and buildings functioning in high dampness, situated underground, on the ground and above the ground, and/or in the aggressive corrosion-active environment. Universal system is notable for its high strength characteristics and adhesion to differrent materials. It can be used as a protective covering for the objects which are exploited in aqueous, acidic, alkaline media, and for protection of storages of light and black oil products. The covering is frostproof, it is able to withstand considerable cyclic temperature falls and preserves high elasticity at negative temperatures. Temperature span of the covering's use is from minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius. The covering is intended for combined use with the systems of protection from electrochemical corrosion (cathodic, protective, drainage). It can be used as a repair material as well.
  • The covering is produced in three basic variants:
    1. Sintego-PU.Finemastic L which is intended for conducting repair work by manual application;
    2. Sintego-PU.Finemastic M which is intended for application by means of plants of airless spraying of one-component or two-component materials with a long lifetime of the materials;
    3. Sintego-PU.Finemastic F which is intended for application by means of plants of airless spraying of two-component "guick" materials.

          Basic variants have varied time of gelatinization, drying till aftertack and complete forming of the covering, and also maximum thickness of the layer applied in one pass. Formed                       coverings have identical physicochemical characteristics. If a hardening accelerant is used, it can be applied at negative temperatures.

  • Properties of the covering allow to use the material in accordance with the requirements made by the Ukrainian State standard B V.2.5-26:2006 "System of gas supply. Underground steel pipelines. General requirements for corrosion protection".
  • The covering is produced in grey, hazel, light green, beige and silvery colours.
Physical configuration homogeneous semi-glossy surface without impurities, cavities and pores
Массовая доля нелетучих веществ, %, не менее 99,8
Pot life after blending of the basis and the hardener, min, no less than:
- L-version (for manual application)
- M-version (for the 1C plants of ALS)
- F-version (for the 2C plants of ALS)

Relative viscosity according to the viscosimeter of the type VZ-246 (nozzle diameter 4 mm) at a temperature of (200 °С) thixotropic
Плотность готового состава (после смешения компонентов),
при температуре (20±0,5) °С, г/см³
Milling degree, mcm, no more than 20
Adhesion, MPa, no less than 5
Impact strength, J, no less than 5,0
Single dry layer thickness, mcm:
- L-version
- M-version
- F-version

nm 2500
Drying time of the single layer till the degree 3 at 25 0C, hours, no more than:
- L-version 
- M-version
- F-version

Mixing ratio of the components A and B  5:1 (mass)
3:1 (volume)
Penetration under the load of 10 N/mm² , no more than 0,2
Lamination area at the cathodic polarization, cm², no more than 5
Transitional electrical resistance of the covering in the three-percent NaCl solution, Ohm, no less than:
-after 100 days of curing

Dielectric covering continuity, kW/mm, no less than  5,0
Theoretical material consumption at a 1000 mcm covering, kg/m². 1,3
Instructions for use


The basis and the hardening agent should be mixed thoroughly before applying.
The material is applied to the surface prepared according to GOST standard 9.402 (to the degree 2) or according to MS ISO 8501-1 (to the degree Sa 21/2) by airless spraying, by a brush or by a paint roller.
Time of the complete hardening of the covering is around 48 hours. Wet-edge time is between 4 and 48 hours. Usage of the hardening accelerant (to order) is permitted for decreasing of the interlaminar and general drying time. The surface under painting should be dry and be 3 0C warmer than a condensation point. Advised number of the layers is 1-5 depending on design objectives.
After finishing application of anticorrosive covering and/or during long work breaks, after the end of a working shift the entire system of application and dirty ancillary equipment should be washed properly.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging of the components of the covering is produced in accordance with GOST standard 9980.3.
Storage of the components of the covering is realized in accordance with GOST standard 9980.5.
Warranty storage time is 12 months since the date of production.

Occupational health and safety

When using the covering it is necessary to follow the safety precautions advised for handling polyurethane materials. Use in well-ventilated rooms only. Avoid inhalation, getting into the eyes and on the skin surface.