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Anticorrosive epoxy coat "Sintego-EG Prime"

TUU: 24.6-32803942-053:2009
"Sintego-EG Prime" anticorrosive epoxy coat is a suspension of pigments and anticorrosive functional additives in a solution of epoxy resins solidified by polyamide polymer.
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Application and Features

  • "Sintego-EG Prime" two-component anticorrosive epoxy coat is designed as protection for metal machinery, concrete and ferroconcrete structures amd installments operating under conditions of high humidity and/or corrosive media.
  • Uses isolating mechanism in its functioning. Its special epoxy resin system and polyamide-based solidifier make possible to increase adhesion on substrates of different types.
  • Can be used as a primary layer in protective coating systems for units operating in aqueous, acidic and alkaline media. High inertness of vehicle used makes it an efficient protection for light oil and dark oil depositories. Coat is resistant to harsh cyclical temperature drops.
  • Can be used for painting and hydroisolating metal and ferroconcrete building structures as well as other installments that crucially require coating of high protective qualities.
  • By protective characteristics, systems that include "Sintego-EG Prime" are intended for durable periods of operation, which decreases costs spent on repairment and maintenance.
  • Coat is produced light-gray with an unrationed hue.
  • Can be applied by air or non-air spraying, brush or roller. Ready blend is distinguished for its prolonged life service and therefore can be used withing 24 hours.
  • Life service of coating based on "Sintego-EG Prime" two-component anticorrosive coat is no less than 10 years on condition that surface is properly prepared befor painting.
Measure and unitMeasure value
Coating appearance homogeneous semimatt surface without impurities or craters
Nonvolatile substances mass fraction, %, no less than 55
Relative viscosity according to V-3 246 viscometer  (nozzle diameter 4 mm) under (20° С), seconds, no less than 25
Grit, um, no more than 25
Density under (20±0,5) °С, g/cm3 1,2 - 1,5
Drying time of a 3 um layer to degree 3 under (20±2)°C, hours, no more than 8
Fully forming period under (20±2) °С, days, no more than 5
Adhesion data aquired by grid test, points, no more than 1
Elasticity when bent, mm, no more than 2
Resistance to static influence of 3% sea salt solution under (20±2) °С, days, no less than 5
Resistance to static influence of water under (20±2) °С, days, no less than 7
Resistance to static influence of mineral oil under (20±2)°С, days, no less than 14
Correlation of the two components when merging  10:1 (mass)
Life service after merging, hours, no less than 24
Instructions for use

Merge with solidifier and thoroughly stir before applying.

20 minutes after stirring apply material to surface prepared according to state standard 9.402 (to degree 2) or to international standard ISO 8501-1 (to degree Sa 2½). Can be applied by air or non-air spraying, brush or roller.

Blend is designed with a viscosity that allows to work without adding any dissolvents. However, for less viscous material adding blend dissolvent is acceptable (mixture of solvent and cyclohexanone in 1:1 ratio respectively).

Surface padded must be dry and of temperature 3°С higher than dew point.

It is recommended to make 1-3 layers, depending on conditions of operation and desired service life.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Coat packaging is performed according to state standard 9980.3.

Coat storage is performed according to state standard 9910.5.

Warranty period: 12 months after manufactured.

Occupational health and safety

When working with coat, adhere to safety precautions recommended for epoxy and polyamide resins.

Apply in well ventilated premises only.

Prevent material from getting into eyes, breathing passages or on skin.