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The policy of quality system of InterGazSintez

The policy in the quality system is an integral part of the main strategy of the enterprise aimed to manufacturing of the products in accordance with international standard of quality as well as to meet completely all expectations and demands of the consumers, partners and society in general.

We are the organization directed to the customer

  • The quality management system of the enterprise is functioning in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 (Ukrainian standard ISO 9001:2009) and spread on the development, manufacturing and shipment of the anticorrosion, thermo-insulating, fire-proof and specialized coatings and paints as well as pipe plugs (tent items).
  • Top management of InterGazSintez is the leaders and guarantors of the strict execution of the requirements of quality management system, continuous analysis of the system, modernization and resources supply.
  • In order to work successful in business competition, the leaders of the enterprise consider necessary to build up new manufacturing sites and carry out modernization of the existed production.
  • Improving of the quality together with improvement of the authority of the company on the market and enlarging the sales, decrease the production expenses, increase the working efficiency and promote the execution of the plans.
  • The leaders of the enterprise sees the main aim in involving all employers of the company in the management process. They admit the necessity of complete usage of the employers’ creative knowledge for which create favourable conditions of mutual understanding, politeness, trust based on open and true relations.

We are a developing organization, appreciative to everything new

  • We increase the value of our enterprise through the creation of such conditions which allow to provide regular training of all employers, increase their professional skills, stimulate the quality labour.

We are a training organization.

  • The quality of the raw materials, auxiliary materials and components is based on active cooperation with the suppliers with the modernization of their production and receiving the quality assurance of the supplied products by them.
  • We achieve the aim if everyone, from General Director to ordinary employer, will persistenly decide all problems and tasks concerning the quality in every espect at the working place.

The enterprise leaders declare of the intention to follow strictly all said principals and call up for this all the staff.